Who Are We?

We are MECO, Mechanical Engineering Construction. We focus on mechanical installation and plumbing. MECO was founded in 2005, started from a simple project that we handle. But satisfaction, customer trust and service that we provide can make us work until now

Why Use Meco Arta Construction?

Today the growth of the installation industry is growing rapidly in Indonesia. The Asean Economic Community’s discourse makes business passion grow so fast. Int int of course responded with the development of infrastructure that is not less quickly. And MECO itself understands the opportunity, to ensure a smooth business, must be balanced also with adequate installation and support the continuity of business activities.

The rapid growth of infrastructure development, in some aspects less followed by the handling of fire hazards. Various cases of fire culprits in high rise buildings caused by fire prevention systems that are not functioning properly and not in accordance with the standards imposed, it must raise the fundamental questions about the incident and how the handling of high rise buildings from fire hazard? Which can then provide anxiety for residents and visitors.

We, ourselves, understand the various levels of security procedures an infrastructure must have. To that end MECO consistently put forward values ​​safety as well as safety. The preventive steps we take because we do not want to take risks that concern your security and security. First handling especially fire protection is always our priority to cope with the risk of disaster or accidents that occur.


  1. To be a dedicated mechanical engineering construction company, commitment and responsibility with international quality
  2. Being a mechanical engineering construction company that prioritizes the safety of building construction with fire protection support as first handling


  1. Build a system integrated with other supporting companies so as to optimize MECO performance.
  2. Prioritize and make the best fire protection support tailored to the structure of the building.
  3. Provide professional and skilled workers for each project

MECO Warranty

We provide after service and after sales warranty. We will provide warranty for one year after installation. This includes the care we will provide after installation. If there is malfunction of the installation we are working on, we will provide warranty for 12 Months. Starting from the first day after the installation is complete we do.

Our Works & Services

We provide opportunities for everything related to mechanical installation required
Our Qualified Engineer and Designer Techniques, to precisely map out the targets, what will be required to support the installation as well as the future maintenance and resilience
ISO standard
We have calibrated work tools and meet ISO standards. The whole process is also our support using our tools that have been calibrated and meet ISO standards
Our installation calculates and precision. Including taking into account water sources, water access, to the inside of an infrastructure that is prone to fire potential